Changes and challenges…

This week was the start of a new chapter in my life…

I start my new job tomorrow so the past week has been spent preparing for that. I made the move on Friday and spent the whole 3 hour drive down feeling quite anxious about what lay ahead of me. I don’t like uncertainty at all. If i don’t know what is to come, I start thinking up all sorts of scenarios in my head (usually the worst I think that could happen) and that just makes me feel even more anxious.

I knew I was staying in hospital shared accommodation while I got settled in and found somewhere else. However, no details of what the accommodation would have or what it was like were given to me, even though I had asked beforehand. During the hospital placements I had to go on through out my undergraduate degree, we stayed in hospital accommodations. There were some really dire places and there were some that were bearable. So for me, the thought of being in a place I am not familiar with, starting a new job and potentially living somewhere that I didn’t like on top of that, was a bit much.

I arrived on Friday evening and although the accommodation isn’t great (although I think all the silk fish I’ve seen so far find it lovely and homey 😷), I’m sure I can handle it for a few more weeks if I manage find somewhere else I can stay soon on a longer term basis (fingers crossed 🤞🏾). I unpacked and tried to get as settled as I could on Friday knowing that I’d see a couple of friendly faces soon…

My parents came down on Saturday to bring me a few things I’d forgotten and my mum had cooked and brought me so much food (God bless her), which will make eating properly during Ramadan a bit easier while I’m settling in here. One less thing to worry about. Whilst they were here, we had a wander around the city centre and around the area I’m living in at the moment. I did a few last minute bits of shopping that I needed both for work on Monday as well as general daily stuff that I’d forgotten, so I’m feeling very prepared and ready for tomorrow.

Today, I had a drive around to all the hospitals and clinics I’ll be working at just to have an idea of all the journeys I’ll be taking while I’m here. All the prep I need is pretty much done, so I can (try and) have a relaxing rest of the day today in preparation for tomorrow. Although 2 weeks off has been great, I’m looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine.

Waking up to the news of another attack in London just puts everything into perspective as well. It’s a sad scary world we’re living in at the moment, with attacks like this happening far too often 😢. The people carrying out these acts in the name of Islam. How can they commit these sorts of heinous crimes and call themselves Muslims? It doesn’t make any sense. Islam does not condone these acts. Islam teaches us to be kind, do good deeds and help our fellow neighbours which is exactly the opposite of what these people are doing.

These people want to cause us harm, instill fear and divide us. In dividing us and turning people against Muslims, they stand a better chance of recruiting those who are vulnerable. It is during these times, we need to be even more kind to one another and embrace one another no matter what religion, race etc. We need to try and not let the fear of something like this happening again, stop us from living our lives. We need to come together and show love during a time when these attacks are trying to promote hate. We need to pray for this world ❤️.

Be right back. Kisses.


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